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Make intentional life choices.

Feel at peace and unburdened.

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Reading with Coffee

Create peace in chaos

with easy routines

Life is hard! Today’s podcast details my recent struggles as a pregnant mom and how I plan to create order where I can, while still accepting the things I cannot change.

I'm all about helping you:

Build sustainable, healthy habits of intellect that drive internal transformation

Find your identity and purpose and feel empowered to center your life around it

Say goodbye to fear of failure and rejection and the need to control everything

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My weekly podcast dives deep into topics like habit formation, identity, hope, and vulnerability. With useful tips we can practice right away, we will learn how to nurture traits that will make us more effective, peaceful, and intentional people. Or, more simply, we'll learn to strike a balance through the chaos of life!

What is the Uncommon Life?

I am Hannah Garland – mom, wife, formerly overwhelmed human being - and I believe in living an uncommon life. In my uncommon life, I know I’m not meant to be a perfect person, but I am meant to be a peaceful one, free from anxiety and unrest. In pursuit of this purpose, I live intentionally, making choices to take care of myself, simplify all facets of my life, be vulnerable, and trust in God.

Do you feel like it takes every ounce of your energy to just barely get through each day? Too often people, especially wives and moms, feel chronically anxious and unwell because they don’t devote time to understanding what would truly bring them peace and joy. Meanwhile, they go through the motions and miss out on what matters most.

I want to invite you to stop surviving and start thriving. Learning to thrive can be a simple notion - sometimes it looks like getting through the day, but with a little more peace and fulfillment. 

Ultimately, your uncommon life will look different than anyone else’s. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to make choices for yourself that are against the grain and might not always make sense, but are beneficial for your mind, body, and soul.

This is your uncommon life. Start living it.